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Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cream Clay’ GX8774


The Yeezy Foam Runner MX Cream Clay features splashes of Grey and Brown covering the lower half of the shoe, while the top half is mostly dressed in a Light Beige hue.In design, the base doesn’t stray very far from the “Sand,” its foam tinged in a cream shade darker by a very slim margin. Along the entire side, however, the titular “MX” print sets the pair apart, covering the majority of the in a randomized mosaic of grey and brown.

Yeezy Foam Runner MX Cream Clay
Color: MX Cream Clay/MX Cream Clay-MX Cream Clay
Style Code: GX8774
Release Date: August 2, 2021


EU37 | US4, EU38 | US5, EU39 | US6, EU40.5 | US7, EU42 | US8, EU43 | US9, EU44.5 | US10, EU46 | US11, EU47 | US12, EU48.5 | US13


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